The UK referendum on membership of the EU took place on 23 June 2016 and the result was 52% in favour of Leave.

Euclid has launched a separate website, KNOW BREXIT, as a platform for the arts & culture sector (and their friends and supporters) to explore and understand the implications of the Brexit vote.

Euclid has now adapted its long-running seminars on EU funding opportunities to include a section which provides background information on Brexit and an analysis of some of the implications for the arts and cultural sector.  Click here for more information about forthcoming seminars.

The KNOW BREXIT website also provides a Blog where Geoffrey Brown and others will add their thoughts (and where you can add your comments), and a Resources page where you can find links to a range of information & resourcesThere is also a Supporters section where you can add your name to those who wish the UK to remain as close as possible to the EU!

There is also a twitter feed – @knowbrexit.

Brexit, flags of the European Union and the United Kingdom, over

Knowing EU

Knowing EU is a show that takes a light-hearted but incisive look at the UK’s possible future relationship with the EU – noting the facts and foibles of the EU and how these might be avoided in any future relationship.

The show was first performed at the Brighton Fringe in May-June 2016, in London and Manchester in June-July 2016, and at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2016 – where it played to an average 80% capacity.  It will next be seen at the Adelaide Fringe in March 2017, and then a revised show will be presented at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festivals in 2017.  It is also available for other performances throughout 2017 – contact Euclid for more information.

The Brighton Argus enthused that Knowing EU was “charming, funny and pretty damn useful information too”.   Geoffrey Brown is “an eminently likeable man” who “knows his stuff, his interest in the subject engagingly contagious”.   The Chair of the Brighton Fringe tweeted “explode some myths and enjoy the jokes”.

NorthWestEnd gave 4 stars to Knowing EU in Manchester – “I was engaged throughout … it’s clear that Brown knows his stuff from many years of experience … the information is extremely useful”.  Tweets from audience members include “having just been to see @KnowingEU, I now realise just how little I knew about the EU. Also, it was good!” and “@KnowingEU I loved the show! I am now much better informed, and entertained…” and “a great night last night @KnowingEU – pub quiz meets performance lecture” and “thanks 4 this evening … enlightening … illuminating” and “thanks for tonight! Very interesting facts”.

Knowing EU was included in The Scotsman’s list of top 10 venues and their shows.

Fringe Review recommended the show and said “[Geoffrey Brown’s] delivery is assured and accurate but it’s never heavy handed. There’s a lightness of touch in the way he conveys a bewildering series of facts through an extended question and answer session with his audience …  This show could easily have died on its feet given the subject involved. That it didn’t was down to Brown’s engaging, energetic presentation and his clever mixing of humour with the stream of enlightening facts he communicated. Brown has a way with words that could probably make a telephone directory sound interesting and he dealt with a topic that has split a nation down the middle in a calm and objective manner that puts the conduct of one or two of the more prominent public figures on both sides of the Brexit debate to shame.  A good hour of informative entertainment that’s well worth listening to.”

The Outlier Review gave the show 4 stars and said “It’s not an easy thing to do. To make a presentation at a theatre and performance-based venue in the city centre during the fringe. Add to the challenge a political, fact-heavy, topic… oh, and keep it light and humorous.  Geoffrey Brown really hits it out of the park here… [the] quips are absolutely contextually appropriate, humorous, and give light to material which could otherwise be potentially dry…  The performance is not dry nor is it stuffy. It is engaging, informative, diverse and often surprising…  KnowingEU is a brave achievement.”

Audience reviews on the website said:

  • A surprisingly entertaining and witty treatment of a serious issue: above and beyond the subject, Brown demonstrates how easily facts and statistics can be manipulated to create a story to sell to a gullible public. Chillingly accurate, and another event you must squeeze in if you possibly can – and if you care about the future of the UK and Europe.
  • This was something I chose to mix in with my visits to comedy gigs. The presenter told us he would try to be funny but not to expect much. Actually, he’s a very engaging presenter and very entertaining.
  • I watched this with a friend. He said ‘it is impossible not to like this show,’ and that’s quite a good summary of my feelings. The host, Geoffrey Brown, is eminently likeable and his obvious knowledge and enthusiasm are extremely charming. I’ll readily admit that I have a pro EU bias, but the show does a great job of presenting the facts and explaining how they can be (and were) twisted by the media and Brexiteers. The problems and challenges of the EU are acknowledged and addressed, which is also refreshing, since it all tends to be very one sided either way. I will say that the show is quite fast paced, so do be ready to pay close attention, but I think it’s worth attending and chatting with Geoffrey after the show if you are able.
  • What an interesting and entertaining The audience learned more about the EU – the myths and truths – in 45mins than in the whole Referendum process. We should have benefited from Geoffrey’s insights before the vote……

Tweets from audience members included:

  • Wonderful journey through fact and fiction on the EU at edfringe with KnowingEU – you don’t know as much as you think you do!
  • And if you only watch one piece of PowerPoint-led theatre about the EU this season, make it KnowingEU
  • KnowingEU I am always aware of the fact that I really don’t know as much as I think I do.
  • … go see KnowingEU at #edfringe2016. Excellent factual presentation of where we are
  • Lasts couple of days to catch KnowingEU in Edinburgh. An incisive look at the UK’s possible future relationship with the EU
  • KnowingEU brilliant, engaging, witty, informative gig of EU gags.UK needs a Star-rating 4 arguability of ‘facts’:  pure genius!
  • KnowingEU great talk, instructive and pleasant to follow even for a Swiss 🙂
  • Brilliant KnowingEU ….. everything that the campaign[s] should have said and didn’t.
  • Another day of great shows at #edfringe! Loved KnowingEU, entertaining and educating

After 20 years working within the wonderful world of the EU, as a consultant and contractor, Geoffrey Brown has decided it is time to share an insider’s perspective of what really happens, to add a bit of (entertaining) sanity to what happens next.  He has made hundreds of EU presentations to audiences across the UK and Europe over the past 15 years, and has consistently received great audience feedback: “lively and amusing”; “witty and informative” and “I could listen to Geoffrey Brown all day! I think he could make any subject interesting…”