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Connexus membership is open to individuals and organisation in the arts, culture, heritage and creative industries, from across the world.

Connexus helps artists and cultural organisations anywhere in the world develop more and better international connections.  Connexus is an independent service – but does rely on membership fees – you can choose from individual membership for individuals and small organisations (£25 / c.€34.50 / c.$US36.50 per annum) or organisational membership for larger organisations such as universities, municipalities, etc (£100 / c.€138.50 / c.$US146 per annum) – you can join at

You can also follow Culture.Info / Connexus on twitter – @cultureinfo.


DISCOUNTS ON EVENTS: members get substantial discounts off events run by Euclid (which are listed in the menu on the left). Discounts of at £30-60 are available on most UK events and for Euclid webinars which are of course open to anyone from across Europe or beyond – full information is on

ONLINE / DOWNLOADS: reports (ConDos: CONnexus DOcuments) and information sheets (ConFas: CONnexus FActs) are regularly added for members. Current downloads include:

  • an analysis of the 2015 Culture programme results across all eligible countries;
  • an exploration of England’s commitment to culture & creativity in delivering the goals of EU Structural Funds 2014-20 through an analysis of the ERDF and ESF Operational programmes and the ESIFs from the 39 LEPs;
  • an analysis of the results of the Europe for Citizens programme from 2007-2013, and for the first round of the new programme, in the first half of 2014
  • An analysis of the results of the First Call for Projects for the EU Creative Europe Culture Programme 2014
  • a statistical analysis of all applications to the Culture programme 2007-2013

ADVICE: members can obtain free advice from Euclid about European & international funding opportunities. Paid consultancy is offered for more in-depth advice and research.

DIALOGUE: members can view the profiles of other members and use the members database to make contact with other members.

Visit to join or to find out more.   Please note that if you want to join as an organisation, there are two options:

  • Immediate: join as an organisational member, and pay by credit/debit card or paypal
  • By Invoice: register as a FREE member, and request an invoice in the “notes” field.

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