Creative Partners Directory


There is one issue that continues to be a barrier for many arts and cultural organisations in their attempts to work outside the UK (on trans-national projects or EU funding applications or touring their work) – and that barrier is the search for partners.

To help in this area, Euclid invites arts and cultural organisations to be included in a summary directory of organisations who are seeking partners to participate in project applications to the EU in 2016. This initial directory will:

  • be made available at the European Culture Forum in Brussels from 26-27 November – a key event in the European arts and culture calendar that will be attended by over 1,000 delegates
  • be downloadable from the Euclid website
  • be promoted via mailings to a range of contacts throughout Europe – the contact points for a number of the key programmes in all eligible countries, key European networks and agencies, and also directly to Euclid’s extensive mailing list of individual arts and culture contacts in Europe

Inclusion in this directory is FREE to Connexus members – Connexus membership is £25 (c. 35 euros) per annum, and you can join at The cost is £40 (c. 55 euros) for non members, and you can pay for this option by selecting the Creative Partners option from the menu on the left.

To participate in this directory, please email with the following information:

  • Name of Organisation
  • Town/City, Country, Postcode/Area Code
  • Name of Contact Person
  • Email
  • A (very) brief description of your organisation, your project and/or what you are looking for – include relevant information about any specific EU programmes you are thinking of applying for
  • One of the following codes to indicate the main focus of your work:
    • ID Interdisciplinary
    • HM Heritage / Museums
    • ME Media
    • PA Performing Arts
    • VA Visual Arts
    • WO Words / Books / Literature
  • One of the following codes to indicate why you seeking partners:
    • CO looking for collaborations generally
    • EU looking for partners for an EU application
    • TO if a company who is looking for venues where they can tour their work
    • IN if a venue who is looking for product to bring into this venue
  • You can also submit an image or logo – please note that the images will be quite small in the directory, so please choose something that is clear and simple
  • Please also confirm the email address used for your Connexus membership.

Please send your information to Euclid by Friday 13 November at the latest. Please note that space may be limited, so we will include entries on the basis of the order of their arrival.

If you are not a Connexus member, you can join at – if you do not wish to join Connexus, the cost is £40 (c. 55 euros) and you can make payment (by PayPal or credit/debit card) by selecting the Creative Partners Directory option from the left hand menu.

Euclid recommends that, before finalising any partnership, all potential partners should have at least one face-to-face meeting.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Euclid (