Off West End

OffWestEnd covers independent, fringe and alternative theatres in London, and Euclid is now providing the management of OffWestEnd support and services, including the Offies awards – for more information on the Offies 2018 Awards & Party, to be held on 4 March 2018, click here.  A limited number of tickets are available to the public for this event.

Off West End exists to celebrate the full spectrum of Off West End theatres and to draw increasing numbers of the general public into the heady darkness and dangerous passion of these little powerhouses perched above a pub, tucked under a railway bridge, packed into a disused warehouse, built around a butcher’s shop or suspended above a shopping centre.

Off West End theatres play a vital role in London and in society as a whole – important on stage in taking risks to push the boundaries of live performance, important for the audience in entertaining the intellect and stretching the imagination and, most of all, important as a breeding ground for new talent and new ideas that feed into our culture, reinventing and reinvigorating us.

The goal of Off West End is to encompass all Off West End theatres and ensure their culturally diverse performances are presented in an equal, positive and unbiased manner to people interested in seeing new work and supporting new talent. The West End receives an enormous amount of attention from the public and the press as well as support from tourism bodies and third party ticket sellers. Off West End theatres receive only a fraction of that support despite the fact that the quality of performance can be every bit as good as that in the West End. We hope to open the world of Off West End theatre to a much wider audience of both local residents and visitors.

Off West End brings information about its theatres and their performances together in one place – on and in occasional publications. As our hope is to allow all members to promote themselves and their plays equally, there are no costs to any of the theatres to appear on the website. We provide links to the theatre’s own websites where they can sell tickets directly to customers.