past services

From 1 April 2018, Euclid is focusing on:

  • consultancy to assist individual organisations better understand and access EU funding
  • research which focuses on identifying and analysing EU funding to the arts and culture sectors in the UK, and across Europe, since 2007.

A number of services have therefore been closed, and these are summarised below.

Please note that the domain names listed below are now for sale – please contact for more details.


The main service offered by Culture.Info over the last few years was the Connexus membership scheme which provided discounts on events and consultancy.  Most memberships have now been cancelled – if you have been a Connexus member, it is best if you can cancel your own membership – which can be done from your PayPal account as follows:

– login to your PayPal account

– select the “recurring payments” section (this is in the “Tools” box of options at the bottom of the page)

– find the relevant recurring payment for Culture.Info / Connexus

– amend the status so that it is no longer active – for example, select “suspended”

If you have used PayPal but not set up an actual PayPal account (for example, if you have paid by credit or debit card) then please contact Euclid ( and we can help you with the cancellation.


Creative Partners was a platform to help arts and cultural organisations in the UK and across Europe to try and find partners for potential collaborative projects.

Euclid has kept a back-up of this website – if any other organisation is interested in hosting this website, please contact Euclid (