EU funding & partner finding: webinars for arts & culture orgns


Wherever you are in Europe, you can learn about different aspects of EU funding opportunities for the arts, culture, heritage and creative industries at one of Euclid’s regular funding eU webinars.  Different webinars focus on, for example:

  • an overview of EU funding opportunities
  • information on specific funding programmes
  • guidance to help you complete the application forms for particular programmes and deadlines
  • information on the unique systems in place in the UK in respect of the EU Structural Funds

Most webinars are FREE for Connexus members – which costs £25 (c.€35) per annum for individuals & small organisations and  £100 (c.€135) for large organisations – more info at and you can join at Individual webinars are available at modest cost to non-members and there are package deals for a group of webinars.

Many webinars will also provide a platform for organisations from across Europe who are seeking partners for future projects / applications – participants can use the webinar to share their search for partners.

All webinars will start at 1300 (GMT/summer time) / 1400 (CET/summer time) / 1500 (EET/summer time) and most will last for 60 minutes, with some (e.g. the overview webinar) lasting 90 mins. All participants will be sent detailed login instructions in advance of the webinar(s) they have booked for.


An Overview of EU opportunities (90m)

This webinar provides a summary of the range of relevant EU Funding Opportunities and will include the latest details of all EU funding programmes relevant to the arts & culture sector, including Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Horizon 2020, the new Structural & Investment Funds and Interreg, as well as opportunities for projects involving partners outside Europe.

Webinars on individual EU programmes (60m)

Euclid also offers individual webinars focusing on a particular programme, with each providing a more detailed look at the various strands, the criteria and the practical aspects of submitting an application – these will cover:

  • Creative Europe: Culture
  • Erasmus+
  • Europe for Citizens
  • Horizon 2020

Accessing the EU Structural Funds and understanding the LEPs (60m)

This webinar will help you understand the opportunities provided by the EU Structural Funds 2014-2020 – there is over €6bn of ERDF, ESF and EAFRD available in this period.  This webinar will also outline the way these funds are being allocated – both the role of the LEPs in England (and their European Structural and Investment Funds strategies) and the national Operational Programmes and the various options for submitting applications.


Topics for future webinars and seminars include:

  • Interreg A / B


All webinars will allow participants to submit questions and, if appropriate, to share their interest in finding partners.

The majority of Euclid webinars will be delivered by Geoffrey Brown, Director of Euclid, and presented in English. Euclid has been providing EU information services for 15 years and is the UK’s leading independent provider in the field. Geoffrey has delivered over 200 seminars and presentations on EU funding in the UK and in many other European countries, and the feedback is constantly positive – recent comments from participants include “this course de-mystified the process and language of EU and opened up new funding possibilities!”, “thank you for making a lot of information digestible in a lively way” and “an excellent overview / introduction to the European funding maze”.

As an independent provider, Euclid will tell you what you really need to know about EU funding – not only the exciting opportunities on offer but also the reality of what the EC is actually looking for, as well as the challenges of the form-filling and the project management

To ensure opportunities for questions and discussion, places are limited for these webinars.

FREE webinars for Connexus members

All EU funding programme webinars are FREE for Connexus members – members will be sent a discount code which they must then use when registering to secure the discount for their chosen webinars of their choice.

Connexus membership is £25 (c.€35) for an individual or small organisation and £100 (c.€135) for large organisations (e.g. a local authority or municipality, university or funding body) which allows all staff members of the organisation to access Connexus services: downloads, discounts and other benefits (see for more detail of Connexus benefits). You can join Connexus at   Please note that Connexus membership is FREE if you are outside the EU/EEA/EFTA countries, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.

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