Interreg V

The UK is no longer an eligible partner country for Interreg.

Interreg V has the same goals as all ESIF but it is “trans-national” in that it supports projects which require partners across borders.  There are three strands:

  • A: cross-border co-operation (€5.57bn)
  • B: trans-national co-operation aiming at integrated territorial development (€1.58bn) and
  • C: Interreg Europe: inter-regional co-operation and exchange of experience (€392m) – this strand does not fund projects but supports the sharing of information promoting good practice

The sub-strands relevant to the UK are outlined below, together with the website for each sub-strand.  Visit the relevant website to find out more about criteria, calls for proposals & deadlines.

Strand V A: Cross-border co-operation

This covers over 50 separate sub-strands, each of which covers the regions on either side of a national border.

All projects must demonstrate a positive impact on the development on either side of the border but their design and, possibly, their implementation must be carried out on a common cross-border basis.

Strand V B: Trans-national co-operation

This strand covers 10 sub-strands across Europe to encourage co-operation projects in adjoining regions and areas.